September 15, 2021

VIP Commands :




.vip mall

.vip changerace

.vip changefaction

.vip customize

.vip tele

.vip gear

.vip Dungeon -- you can type .vip token so you'll be able to enter the dungeon.

.vip token


Regular Commands ( VIP & Player ) :







Information about the commands and what it does and how it works :


.maxskill is used to max your weapon skills can be used on self and also target.

.buff contains 23 Buffs -- Epic Buffs.

.vip mall it will teleport you to the VIP mall it's pretty close to PVE Mall.

.vip changerace when you use this command you'll be able to change your race after you relog.

.vip changefaction when you use this command you'll be able to change your faction after you relog.

.vip customize when you use this command you'll be able to Customize your character after relog.

.vip tele This command allow you to teleport anywhere using names or ID's of the Teleports.

.vip gear will teleport you to a secret location when you can get your VIP gear -- abusing this with normal players is bannable and will cause your account to be banned.

.start this will teleport you to the first place you spawned in ( hearthstone ) -- can't be used with Dk use .mall instead.

.mall is officially made for Death knight but still usable with players it will teleport you to the PVE Mall.

.resetcombat is available for everyone and this is used to reset combat if you got a combat bug.

.world this is the world channel to talk with everyone and VIP have special VIP tag and colors in it.


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