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Greetings YugoWoW Players, Happy new year and merry christmas to all of you.

So since it's a new year i decided to make 2020 Cake but this time with people ( players ) names on it.
All you need to do is to contact me on Discord : JadaDev#5199
The Cake will not handle all people names so i'll be only accepting people that donates by sending money directly from paypal to 
[email protected]

By putting Note that shows the name he wants and the Donated amount for exp : 
JadaDev - 10€
The minimum amount is 1€
This List will be updated and ends at 12 - 23 - 2019 and the cake should be ready 12 - 29 - 2019 or 12 - 30 - 2019.
List :

JadaDev - OWNER
Deathbringer - CO
MadLife - 10€

Hozerz  - 10€
Hubapi - 1€

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Greetings YugoWoW Players, I finally managed to finish the Winter content and it'll exist forever not periodic.

New Christomodo Items and Quests.

ULTRA PVP is available.

Upcoming Upgrading Items ( Christmas Bag )

Upcoming Upgrading BUffs ( Xmas Noel )

Much more news check them ingame!

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We are doing a huge change in 2020 for a completely new gear the ULTRA PVP & PVE.

Ultra PVP gear is already released, and will be available for normal ingame content in 2020 - 01 -01, 

ULTRA PVP gear is available for purchase as (Full Gear Template) Costs 60€ for full gear Character + Gems + Mounts.

ULTRA PVP Only 7 Pieces ( SET - OFFSET without Boots ) + Full Weapons Costs 30€ as Low Priced.

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Greetings YugoWoW Players, and i hope you all have a great christmas and a happy new year and because of so we are releasing Christmas Quests and Boss.

Not just that but at the end of this month all players that has connected the last 30 days will get dp and vp gifts ( Gifting Day : 31 Dec )

Double Donation Already Exist and Double voting will be started 15-12-2019 in December.

From NOW until 31 - 12 - 2019 staying online will earn you 1 DP each hour and 5 VP each hour.

Last Weeki n December someone will have a unique Item from the unreleased gear [ULTRA PVP] will be given randomly to a Player every day.

At the start of 2020 ULTRA PVP gear will be available, Also any honor points - arena points or any item that gives honor - arena points will be removed and all the player kills will be reset to 0.






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Mounts Are Account Wide now, also the custom mounts has been added to the website store check the link bellow :

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Join our Forum Community and stay tuned for all new Guides and Information about the server, classes, guilds and more.

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Greetings YugoWoW Players,


I finally decided to reoffer the Full Character as a lot already asking me in PM on how much would full char costs.

Question : What does full character means ?
Answer : You'll have all 'your class' best items ingame ( Ultimate and such ) with all the gems available (hast gems included ) and the new 5 mounts will also be included.

Question : How much would it cost ?
Answer : Here are the prices with the options :

Full Character ( Ultimate + Gems + Buffs + VIP or 300 DP Bonus + 1 Custom Mount ( not asfour) + 850 DP ) = 50 Euro

Full Character ( Ultimate + Gems + Buffs + VIP or 300 DP Bonus ) + ( All Custom Mounts Asfour Not Included ) + 2000DP = 70 Euro

Full Character Overall with all the Custom mounts - Asfour - Custom SET name and display + 4000DP = 90 Euro


Question : How can i get full char ?

Answer : You need to add me on Discord : JadaDev#5199 and PM me which offer you want.


This offer Ends by the End of this Month 11 / 01 / 2019

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This picture was taken 10-06-2019 for the 'Kill Boss's Event'.


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Updates will be available 10 / 10 / 2019 and the server will be offline for around 10 Minutes 9h00 AM GMT+1 Until 9h10 AM GMT+1 due to maintenance.


Server Updates Information :

1. C++ Limitations been managed correctly.

2. All Spells has been reseted and only some has been reworked.

3. Paladin will still have Charge Spell and rogues Still have their Healing Spell 'Flash Light'.

4. All Stats has been managed and reworked including the Buff on the Santified gear.

5. Gems has been reworked to fit the new stats.

6. PVE has been nerfed but also will have much more challenge than just oneshotting or oneshotted.

7. New Contents and a long story quest had been added.


Note :

1. Nothing will be lost This is a complete rework for ( World Database - Worldserver (c++) and the DBC which will leade to a patch change.

2. Follow the steps bellow after the updates.

2.a. Place all your gear in your bag.

2.b. Delete your cache.

2.c. Download the new Patch ( in Downloads Page ).

2.d. Replace the old patch with the new one that you downloaded.

2.e. Login and put back your gear, Enjoy!


Credits : Robinson Leo our Head Admin For All the C++ Edits and All Ingame Fixes and Testing.

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